On this page you can do a number of things regarding pieces that are accessible to the public.

Please note that for anyone possessing a Mozilla Persona log-in, your own accessible sound cards, sound card packs, pieces (audio and mix version) are in your own folder accessible from your personal page. The items below have been selected by the project team and approved by their makers and, where relevant, their teachers. You are able to search for these by tags and by filename.

You can listen to all the music that was made during the original EU Composing with sounds project here.


Andrew Hill's composition, "Abstracted Journey" was composed for the EU "Composing with Sounds" project. Here is his mix file (he used the external sounds sound card pack) along with the audio versions of his piece (2012 – 4'59). CwS_Hill_Abstracted_Journeys.comp

The Compose with Sounds team